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“Hiya darlin’, It’s £40 for a shag and you can cum in me..”  I mutter through the rolled down driver’s window to the guy in the car. Back slightly bent over, outstretched left hand on the roof of the car, cigarette burning away. Right hand on the window seal.

I take a long hard drag of my cigarette, turning my head as I do so, blowing the smoke out into the night air, whilst my prospective punter is deciding whether to fuck me or not.

It’s his choice, of course, but I feel that I look kewl in my little red leather mini skirt and heels and white top. I’m feeling quite devilish too, as even though it was about 8:30pm on a glorious spring evening, I had already had 4 blokes cum inside me. The slight dampness that was oozing down my legs, onto my fishnet stockings, certainly made me feel that.

One hot slapper....

I take another drag of my cigarette...

“Well....want a jump then?” I ask between chewing on the gum in my mouth.

“C’mon, I ain’t got all night, duck.”

“Ok....c’mon then.” He answers.

Ace! So we’re off again....

I get in the car, throwing my cigarette out in the street and collect my money, shut the door, put on my seatbelt and then give directions to the car park that us sluts use to fuck in.

“What’s your name?” he asks.

“Martika, duck. What’s yours?”


“Kewl! So, Jason, I’m so ready to ball you tonight. I want your cock inside me....” I sensually retort.

Jason looks excited. And so he should! He’s, I guess, about 20 or so, trendy dark hair....looks kinda sexy.....kinda tall too. Not a bad ride too....the car, I mean.

You can kind of tell a lot about a punter from the car he drives. An old car that’s kinda in a bad way either denotes a student, a scutter or a highly artistic person. Saloons of any kind seem to fit family men, y’know? Flash cars? Go getters, people that are consumed with ‘image’ or just high-flying people....or maybe just drug dealers. Just something that you seem to pick up then you’re a street prostitute.

Either way, it just takes a few minutes to get to the ‘patch’. Someone is already getting a good fucking in a car already. Good. I hate being the only one!

I get in the back seat, pull up my tight leather mini skirt and announce “Ok, C’mon luv....”

He takes his cue and get’s in the back with me too. Hurriedly unzipping his jeans, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his boxers.....Hmmmmmm....nice cock! I put my left hand on it and it twitches into life as I stroke it and guide it into my vagina. It slides in dead easy. No surprise there as I’m well lubricated.....and well spunked in!

“C’mon, bang my pussy hard! Fuck me hard, darlin’...” I sneer, between breaths.

He certainly responds to that, humping me hard and long and then quickening up the pace. He shags me hard and fast, just as I like it, and within 10 minutes he spasms to a halt, breathlessly cumming into me. Yet another fresh deposit of spunk in my slaggy snatch. Oh, how I love it!

“How was that?” He asks, breathlessly and nervously....

“Lovely, babe.”  I answer, trying to pull down my little leather skirt to cover my used cunt.

“How many have you done tonight?” he asks.

“You’re the 5th bloke that’s cum in me tonight....” I proudly beam back to him.

“G-god!” he answers astonished. Ha, wait until the fucker has seen me at the end of the night, I think to myself!

He drives me back to my spot with the same astonished look on his face. I kiss his cheek before getting back out and closing the door. As he drives away I light up another Marlboro and smile to myself. Debs comes over for a chat. She’s just finished fucking a punter too. I offer her a cigarette and light her up.

So, two hookers standing around between punters, smoking and shooting the shit. What a good way to spend the evening!

We chat about her fiancé and I chat about Mark and the kids. Nice to talk just about normal stuff. She’s wanting to get married this year and she’s picking my brains over how my wedding was.

We’re rudely interrupted by a bloke on foot that wants to fuck me down the alleyway. Sure, I tell him as Debs takes her leave.

As we go down there, arm around my punter’s waist, my mum, Samantha is just heading out after doing likewise with a guy herself. We exchange smiles and I take him down into the shadows.

I finish my cigarette before pulling up my skirt and bracing myself against the wall. I hear the sound of a zip going and then his trousers are around his ankles and he’s suddenly balls deep in me. I like a guy that doesn’t hang around!

“C’mon, lay you bitch,lay” he whispers breathlessly as he bonks me.

“Mmmmmm.....I’m feeling that..” I seductively answer back.

Soon, he finishes up, gropes my left tit as he pulls out of my now-soaking snatch, and pulls up his clothes.
I’m left with a devilish grin as I once again, pull down my skirt. There....that’s better.

He walks ahead out of the alley just as I’m making my way out. My mate Emma passes me by with a bloke herself. We low five each other as we pass. I quickly do a couple of lines of coke before heading back out. Makes me feel sexy.

Right, back to my spot. I check on my makeup and apply some more lip-gloss before lighting up another cigarette. I stroll around, up and down a few metres, smoking and chewing the gum, swaying those hips in a decidedly hooker-type way.

I get to finish my cigarette as a car pulls up. The guy, an Asian bloke, wants a blow job. So he gets a bloody blowjob. We go down the car park where I suck him off. Back again to my spot within 15 minutes and approached by another car for another cock to suck off.

Nice work if you can get it, right?

I get to fuck another 4 blokes, including one up the arse, before my night has finished. My pussy? Well soaked and squidgy. The spunk soaking through the band on my fishnet stockings. I smell of cum too, I like that.

I wait for my mum to finish and then accept the cigarette that she offers me as we walk home, arm in arm, happy with what we’d done of the night. I’d done 12 and she’d done 11. Isn’t it funny how competitive you can get? Occupational hazard with us whores.....

You find that we tend to speak about 2 things in general: What we’re gonna wear when we’re hooking, and, how many punters we have fucked.....

Martika xx

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Posted on 01:16PM on Apr 16th, 2011
Thanks for sharing Martika, it was very interesting. Is that your average number of punters or does it vary from time to time?

Take care x
Posted on 04:23AM on Apr 17th, 2011
No probs, hun. 12 is about the usual at the mo..... Lucky ol' me! LOL!

Martika xx
Posted on 10:54AM on Apr 17th, 2011
Good night then. Nice way to earn a living. You are doing what you do best and get paid for it. Not many can say that.

Bare Hugs
Posted on 10:59AM on Apr 17th, 2011
Well, some £400 or so for 5 hours work.....not bad. And....all the *** that a "would-like-to-get-pregnant" hooker could take? Nice!!!!

Martika xx
Posted on 11:02AM on Apr 17th, 2011

I think great and do admit it is 'hard" for me to read. lol

Bare Hugs
Posted on 11:05AM on Apr 17th, 2011
I bet! *giggles*

Martika xx
Posted on 11:13AM on Apr 17th, 2011
Thanks for sharing your night Martika. I enjoyed reading it.
Posted on 11:14AM on Apr 17th, 2011
Thanks Art!

That was just this last week too!

Good times!!!!

Martika xx
Posted on 11:16AM on Apr 17th, 2011
u tell the greatest stories..with so much detail it's easy to picture as if I was right there..keep on making our day..
Posted on 11:18AM on Apr 17th, 2011
Awwww...thanks! I try my best...

Well, the devil's in the details, so I was taught.... :-)

Martika xx
Posted on 06:46PM on May 10th, 2011
God, you're pure ****. Luv it. Would luv to **** you and eat you out after all your punts :)
Posted on 03:34AM on May 12th, 2011
This is my life...and I love it! Thanks.... Martika xx
Posted on 05:28AM on May 21st, 2011
where is your "spot" might need a go :p
Posted on 11:28PM on Jan 23rd, 2012
i am planning on visiting England soon.

would you and your mum be interested in getting together??:)
Posted on 10:46AM on Jan 8th, 2013
wow that's really interesting. How do you go about protecting youself though? xx
Posted on 12:17PM on Jan 8th, 2013
Protecting? It's all about attitude, hun! You act as though you'll rip the throat out of the next person that crosses you...well...they soon get the point!

Martika xx
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